Top Tips to Make Sure Your Exhibition Turns Out to be a Big Success

Exhibitions are the one place to get your brand/company or business noticed to customers so it has to be right to make sure it is a success. At PMT Digital we are very experienced in helping our customers get the most from their exhibition from concept to design and installation.

Here are some sure-fire tips to make sure make your exhibition a success.

Plan your exhibition as early as possible. It’s always safe when you have time. You just never know any circumstances that might happen like getting sick.
Get a graphic designer involved at this early stage, some graphics require time to create. Make sure you commission a good creative designer after all this is the most important part of your exhibition stand.

Now you have your graphic designer next stage is the exhibition stand itself, you will need to know the floor space your stand will be occupying and how big the stand can be.
Find a large format printer and ask their advice, they can help you with the choice of stand and once you are happy you can get the sizes for the stand to brief the graphic designer.
Once you have the design signed off send these to the printer or ask the designer to they are used to sending print ready files so this might be the best option.

Once, you feel that you’re almost on the last leg of logistics, assign a designated person at your booth the day before the official opening to meet with your Marketing Director or whoever the manager of your company’s trade show. Get his mobile and give your manager’s mobile. It’s always smart to check everything on site before the big day.

Last checklist. Create a checklist for your IT person for equipment that should be brought to the trade show. Don’t forget to test the electronic equipment before packing it. Secondly, create another checklist for your collaterals.

Go to the stand before the show and make sure you are happy with it all and the setup this is extremely important, you are paying alot of money for this stand so it has to be 100% right for the business.

If you are not going to the trade show keep your phone on. Just in case your colleague needs something that needs to be shipped immediately from an enquiry or just have an important question , you can take action as soon as possible.

Hope these tips will help you have a very successful exhibition.

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