How to reach your clients and communicate with them

We all receive annoying e-newsletters, sometimes not even subscribing to them.
Having a demanding email in-box the last thing we want to do is open another one of those newsletters. However if you target the correct customers and send them relevant information they will find useful they will click through or even follow up as a sale.

Providing clickable links to certain regions on your website will allow the reader to click on more information as they feel required. Don’t forget to have these links visible and presented clean and clear.

Keep your customers updated

Avoid the hard sell all the time, send your subscribers occasion business and company updates. Maybe your business has had a birthday or a new member of staff. A good example is a business i do regular e-marketing for Roller banners based in Cambridgeshire, UK. I send out a recent e-shot just to show some examples of work and new machinery to make the business more proficient.

Keep it clean, keep it legal

The data protection act is a guideline to adhere to, make sure all your e-shots contain a small link at the bottom to allow users to unsubscribe, this is the law so stick with it.

Design your e-news to avoid being spammed and chucked into black lists, avoid using long hard selling subject titles, random copy full of keywords and large images.

How often

Sending an e-shot to regular will only result in an unsubscribe or spammed, sending less frequent could leave your customers wondering if it is spam and delete it. Golden rule is don’t send more than one per week, once a week or fortnight with an offer a month should be enough to keep the subscriber content.

At Roller banners we use marketing to its full potential, why not contact myself to provide the service for your business.

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