Things to avoid when exhibiting at an exhibition, the 6 no nos

#no no 1 – Failing to create marketing goals

A goal is the sole purpose for exhibiting; your goal has to be measured after the show to evaluate if the exhibition is a success or failure and whether you will be exhibiting again at the same show or your marketing plan will alter to increase success rates. The goals can be run in line with your company’s whole marketing objective.

#no no 2 – Failing to build a brand awareness at your stand

Your stand is your shop window, branding must be consistent and followed across the entire display stand, your stand graphics, leaflets, brochures and any marketing literature should reflect the same style. Consistency is important to create a strong brand to be remembered by your visitors. The purpose for an exhibition is attracting visitors to achieve the company’s marketing objectives. Enhance memorability, visitors remember graphics/key messages make your stand bold and graphic heavy, visitors don’t read columns of text at exhibitions. They need to be able to read your message quickly and understand what your business services offer in an instant.

Remember- pictures paint a thousand words, text will be forgotten quickly. Create a stand that is open and friendly so visitors feel welcome and comfortable enough to step on and open discussions.

#no no 3 – Failing to create an incentive will loose visitors

Have an incentive, visitors like an incentive when coming to your stand. You may not have a prize or free offering but a new product or technique will create an interest. Remember your stand is surrounded by competition, what makes your stand different to any other business or business incentive.

Think out of the box, learn new techniques or look at ways you could show off your business from different angles.

#no no 4 – failing to have a lead follow up plan

Once your exhibition has finished and hopefully successful with sales leads a plenty do you have a plan to follow or chase the leads up. Strike while the iron’s hot contact the hot leads, don’t let management duties prevent you from contacting the sales leads. The best time to plan follow ups is before an exhibition. Inform your sales team before the show that you will be distributing contacts to follow up and create a database to allow reporting on follow ups. With the right system in place you will know which show has been a success and rule out the ones that aren’t

#no no 5 – failure with promotional items and giveaways
offer your visitors a free item or handout, it will entice them to come to your stand.

Promotional items should be memorable, interesting and create a recognition of your company. Creating a memorable giveaway can be highly creative. Consider your target audience, what would your customers need for their business. A good idea is to target specific customers with promotions targeted specific groups of customers. You could have a different incentive or promotion for different visitors. A thank you is a good gift for your visitors, give away a goodie bag with promotional items (desk calendars, pens, magnets) all with your company branding. Speak to your large format printing services company they have experience with shows and promotions.

#no no 6 – failing to realise your staff are your marketing force

Your team or the employees on the stand are your main sales force. The team must be trained in your product, be very welcoming and professional. The team must be professional and interact with your visitors with ease. They are representing your company and everything it stands for; the team are carrying your image. Don’t oversell just talk when the visitors require your team to. Overselling can be very off putting. This results to bad reputation at the show and loss of leads.

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