Will the printed book never die

I sit here in my home office staring at the book shelve on my wall, full to bursting with graphic design, cycling and Illustration books, my chosen passions in life.

I ask myself one thing, if everything was in digital format what a loss it would be to never flick through a hard copy book again. For books have a certain beauty within that the next generation may never appreciate in full, with kindles and e-books the staple diet for book worms. My collection of books as my cd collection could easily be stored on nothing smaller than a postage stamp. A kindle would certainly free up my wall space and room clutter but at what sacrifice?

In my opinion printed books & magazines hold something with me that I find hard to give up, is it a habit or a love to hold the material and flick though at my leisure. Pixels on a screen become blurred and tired on the eyes, printed matter relaxes you, makes you content and is much more pleasing on the eyes. My niece only said to me last week that her classmates now have a kindle each instead of books.

I can fully understand schools have budgets to meet, using kindles certainly allows more books on site but will this generation ever realise what they could be losing. Ask yourself this, when was the last time you bought a book? What is the difference between holding printed material or digital, is the action of flicking the pages you miss or the fact that a book is much more easy to digest than pixels. I would love to know how you feel about e-books and print the for’s and against. I am pretty sure digital books have there place, they can to be beautiful, designers have yet to tap fully into this lucrative market.

Which do you prefer? Printed or digital books

Printed books because of the smell, its nostalgia or the art, researchers are suggesting printed books will become works of art, like manuscripts of our ancestors. In the future our book shelves will still have books, but more as a display piece not the centre of our home.

I remember the days of cassettes, untangling chewed up chart tapes to find that they don’t play or they sound odd because of the tangles. Cassettes were a good sounding format, cds appeared and just made the music better. That’s not to say cassettes are not around today, I own a few but these are like books will be nostalgia more than use.

My conclusion is books will work alongside digital, there will be a generation for many years that appreciate print on paper as well as digital. Not one is better than the other but they will become different experiences for users.

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