View Thru window films incorporate a printed window graphic on to a black backed perforated film. When viewed from the outside, it appears to be a solid window graphic and is difficult to see in. However, from the inside there appears to be an optical illusion where the graphic isn’t visible and you remain able to see the outside view.

Different perforation hole sizes help intensify the image detail and strength of colour for the printed graphic to give better graphic clarity from the outside but also changes the amount of light passing through the window which can also darken or lighten the inside.

There are many brands of View Thru materials on the market but the best is without question, Contra Vision™ and this is the only brand PMT use. Contra Vision™ is the original creators of this type of media and they have the best material and widest range on the market.

Mainly used for vehicle window graphics, building window graphics, bus shelters graphics, phone boxes graphics and point of purchase graphics, View Thru window film is the ideal material used with these applications.

Traditionally, View Thru material is applied to the outside of the window but if the application is second storey or higher, we offer an internally applied film. This saves on time and the use of either a cherry picker or scaffolding – that increase the costs and safety risk for the installation team.

Internal View Thru material is clear perforated vinyl material printed digitally in mirror reverse with the 4 colour process, then backed with white ink and finished off with a black ink layer on our UV light-fast printers.

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