PMT offer a range of Acrylic panels printed to the highest quality. Acrylic printing is a method used to print images directly onto Acrylic sheets using the 4 colour process (CMYK), with our unique white print technology, the effects are truly stunning. Printing white with the 4 colour process enables us to offer direct prints for substrates that do not start with a white (blank) base layer such as clear Acrylic materials, as well as other coloured materials such as wood printing and coloured rigid foam PVC by printing a base layer of white ink under the image. This means the colour reproduction will be as vibrant as seen on screen and not a tint or faded wash of the background as a result of the transparent inks. To create vibrant colours on an acrylic panel, light is added to create a backlit print. To enhance the colour reproduction for this, PMT print a middle layer of white ink between to hits of the 4 colour process. This makes a dense, thick layer of ink and the end results are truly amazing.

Spot white printing is another effective visual effect for the designer who is looking for that extra edge or special effect that sets the graphic apart from a standard print.

Acrylic material printing produces images that are vibrant, sharp and durable, from edge to edge with high definition finish. Polished edges, rounded corners or shape cut material adds to the contemporary look that is ideal for museum graphics, exhibition displays and wall displays in a home or business environment. A range of Acrylic thicknesses are available from 2mm to 40mm and as well as the popular clear Acrylic, opal Acrylic and white Acrylic, there is a full range of coloured materials available.

Acrylic panels can be hung in prebuilt frames, stock frames, bespoke frames or they can be hung on walls using stand-off spacers.

Please contact us on 01480 493666 for further details on our Acrylic range.