PMT offer a wide range of printed vinyl graphic options suitable for making the most of your window space. From full window coverage graphics, to decorative cut out stickers, we have you covered.

As window graphics are often the first thing that gives you opportunity to entice potential customers, it is important to have a clever or appropriate theme, with bright colours and interesting offers that are all eye-catching.

It is also worth remembering to regularly update window graphics so the theme or offer does not get lost with familiarity. This can easily be achieved by adding or removing additional ‘easy apply’ window films, designed for anybody to install.

Our comprehensive window graphic range includes:

  • Total block out vinyl (opaque vinyl) – used to prevent anybody seeing in and offering protection from the sun.
  • Translucent coloured vinyl – used for diffusing and colouring the windows
  • Clear vinyl – used for partial coverage and can be printed with white inks
  • Cut vinyl – used for adding straplines, logos or other minimal graphics
  • Frosted vinyl – where light passes through but clarity and definition is masked
  • One-way vision vinyl – creating privacy for an overlooked window (Contra Vision™)
  • Removable static cling vinyl – used for easy application
  • Optically clear vinyl – used to discretely cover windows
  • Repositionable vinyl – used for regularly moving vinyl or reusing at a later date
  • Easy apply vinyl (glue dot adhesive) – supplied for easy application

Our range of self-adhesive vinyl are available with removable, permanent or ultra high tack adhesives.

All our window decals are produced using the latest UV printing equipment and cutting equipment, which gives you maximum control over the process and multiple different options and effects are available. Please give us a call on 01480 493666 to bounce your ideas off us.