Cut vinyl word walls and graphic displays are ideal ways to turn a plain surface into a meaningful display - without the need to totally cover the object. This saves on time and money on vast decoration or installation and also helps retain the original surface finish. Vehicle graphics (livery) is often produced with cut vinyl so the main vehicle colour is retained while the company logo and information is prominent for all to see.

We often cut, supply and install cut vinyl on to painted walls, exhibition stands or windows with either a removable, semi-permanent or permanent adhesive backed vinyl sticker.

Our vinyl decals are often used in fitness centres or gyms as motivational word wall graphics or even in the retail environment as a form of promotional message or offers to pre-existing graphics.

Cut vinyl is generally a manufactured coloured vinyl with a choice of thousands of different colours, shades or effects and is cut out on our clever plotters. If there is the need for a picture or a multitude of colours, we print and cut the vinyl on one of our UV printers and CNC plotters to give you a full colour sticker. Stickers and labels are often produced this way.

All our cut vinyl we supply has the waste weeded and removed before a special application tape (transfer tape) is applied to the face for easy graphic transfer. This application tape has a guaranteed residue removable adhesive.

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